24 April 2016

Vatnajökull by Snowkite 200+kms

next 4th-7th April 2017

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The Team



Winter Paralympian Sean Rose, Polar Explorer Mike Dann, Duracell Bunny and all round geezer Max Smith and the famous pooh bear Kieron Jansch



The story so far in pics and vids.

Background on where it started, to where we are today.  

It's been a fabulous journey, we've had highs and lows, which has fostered a great friendship, understanding and Team spirit.

Onwards and upwards ....


To family and friends who have supported the journey, we'll never forget what you've achieved!


To all of you who believed, this time we'll make it happen!

Just for you......

4 People with 6 working Legs can move mountains

New Challenge - VAKE World Championship SnowKite Enduro


April 2016, four adventurers attempted to snow-kite over 200 km across Vatnajökull in Iceland, Europe’s largest icecap. This vast, uninhabited, frozen landscape is subject to extreme weather conditions and limited visibility, terrifying sink holes, crevasses and live Volcanoes at every turn.

Already an expedition of epic scale, the challenge is made more ambitious by the fact team member Sean Rose has a spinal cord injury, and is confined to a wheelchair.

Never before has a disabled athlete crossed Vatnajökull, let alone exclusively by the power of the wind!

The successful crossing on the 24th April 2016 was a Worlds First!

The team are all regular people, who not only want to overcome a personal challenge and realise a long held dream, but also raise awareness of the pioneering work of Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation, a charity who are committed to likeminded ambitious goals of finding a cure for spinal injury.


click on the picture below - follow us 4-7th April 2017

VAKE - The World Championship Varanger Artic Kite Enduro



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